About Us

Since 1999, Tri State Awnings has been one of America’s preferred quality brands of Retractable and Stationary Awnings for both residential and commercial customers. As a leading manufacturer of Awnings, their primary goal is to provide you with increasingly new innovative solutions, in order to meet the needs of every customer.

With its wide range of Awnings, Tri State Awnings is a nationwide manufacturer – whose reliability, experience, and quality of products is renowned meeting even the most demanding designers, architects, and consumers.

Tri State Awnings manufactures all of its Awnings in their state of the art facility in NY using only the highest quality components and fabrics, sourced in the USA and Europe. Being a direct importer of the fabrics and awning components, and have a greater degree of control over all aspects of its production, assuring the highest quality and engineering. Stocking all fabrics and components allowing them to offer speedy production and delivery of high quality products.

Tri State Awnings is constantly on top of their game, searching for the newest innovative technologies and best materials for their products. Starting, from the frame of structure, fabrics, stitching and welding. The high-quality and high-performing solutions and products are designed to fit our ever-changing environment.

Tri State Awnings experience and trust makes them the leader in this industry. They guarantee their products to be reliable, safe, versatile, and superior. They are always in a continuous research for enhancing their products offerings refinement, and practicality. Discover our entire line of products and enjoy the outdoor space!