PergoTek KOV

Product description

Pergotek KOV is a retractable aluminum roof system. Pergotek KOV is made out of aluminum louvers. Louvers can either tilt for shade and ventilation or the louvers can fully retract to open sky.
exclusively imported by Tri State Awnings.
• Pergotek KOV allows you to cover large outdoor spaces with a waterproof cover.
• Pergotek KOV is engineered to withstands high wind.
• Pergotek KOV is engineered to withstand snow load.
• Aluminum louvers can retract to open sky.
• Aluminum louvers can tilt open just to provide shade and ventilation.
• Aesthetically pleasing structure.
• All season roof.
• Allows for using the grill even in rain.
• Motorized system.
• Wind and rain sensors.
• Fully insulated louvers.
• Retractable walls.
• Infrared Heaters.
• The frame can be color matched as well as wood look available.

Technical Charactiristics

Sturdy Aluminum frame made out reinforced aluminum extrusions.
Gasket between louvers provides a watertight seal.
Additional protection provided via water channel on each louver.
Powder coated paint for added durability.