PergoTek Primo

Product description

PergoTak Primo is a retractable roof awning PergoTak models provide a unique level of control over nature. Outdoor space can now be utilized to its full potential the way it is meant to be, restaurants can maximize the use of outdoor dining even in inclement weathers while homeowners can enjoy the outdoors in all weathers. The PergoTak product Family is designed for small to large spaces, freestanding or wall mounted, and available in a number powder coated colors and wood designs. PergoTak Primo can be used for up to 20′ projection. Exclusively imported by Tri State Awnings.

Retractable, 100% manufactured from aluminum, with the motor that provides motion to the axle being incorporated within the axle with no additional parts.

Technical Charactiristics

A representative, tested solution for the coverage of
professional spaces or any shape and size. Retractable
roof for variable coverage and shading. Quality construction
for functionality, aesthetics, and safety. Durable protection,
with certified resistance to Sun, Rain & Wind.