PergoTek Robusto

Product description

PergoTek ROBUSTO is a vinyl retractable roof. PergoTek ROBUSTO is made out of aluminum extrusions and is covered with high-quality PVC coated polyester fabric. PergoTek ROBUSTO provides a waterproof cover when closed and can retract to open sky.

• PergoTek ROBUSTO can cover large outdoor spaces with a waterproof cover.
• PergoTek ROBUSTO is engineered to withstand high wind.
• PergoTek ROBUSTO is an aesthetically pleasing structure.
• PergoTek ROBUSTO folds at the bottom of rafters, therefore, allowing flexible projections.

• Motorized system.
• Wind and rain sensors.
• Retractable walls.
• Infrared Heaters.
• The frame can be color matched as well as wood look available.
• Can be installed freestanding or wall mounted.

Technical Charactiristics

Sturdy Aluminum frame made out reinforced aluminum extrusions.
PVC coated ensures a dry area.
Powder coated extrusion for added durability.
Can cover an area of 400′ wide by 33′ projection.

Product picture